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The Magnetic Marketing & Mindset Show with Tracey Pontarelli.

Jun 23, 2022

Here’s why you need more downtime in your life

Did you know that you'll be better at your job and happier if you have more downtime?

I can’t wait for summer to start. I'm a summer girl with a summer birthday and I get excited about the time that I'm going to spend with my family and friends at the beach. I love thinking about the waves of my business and the times of the year and how I really get deliberate about my work so that I can have downtime and playtime.

In today’s podcast, I want to look at the power of downtime and how we can get more of it.

This episode covers:

  • The benefits of downtime
  • How downtime helps restore your batteries
  • How you can get more downtime in your life

Finding downtime is going to lead to more productivity and creativity at work and it's going to lead to you being able to do more of all of the things you love.

Join me for this episode and get the importance of downtime and how to get more of it