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The Magnetic Marketing & Mindset Show with Tracey Pontarelli.

Aug 11, 2022

How do you manage your biz as a mom?

Let’s talk about motherhood, seasons of parenting, seasons of life, and how to manage your business through those different seasons. You get to decide how you want to live your life and how you want to run your business. Remember, you get to change your mind!

In today’s podcast, I want to give you 3 things that will help you better manage your business.

This episode covers:

  • Deciding what you want
  • Getting really clear on what needs to get done in your life and in your business
  • How to carve out time and get creative on how you're gonna get things done

Seasons will happen and you will go through ebbs and flows, but the key is staying consistent.

Join me for this episode and become more magnetic in your biz and life

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