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The Magnetic Marketing & Mindset Show with Tracey Pontarelli.

Oct 6, 2022

In our third part of our 3-part series of lessons from Abraham Hicks, we are covering the positive mindset: Everything is working out for me! Do you believe that everything is working out for you or does it not feel to be true? Be honest with yourself.

Setbacks, failure, disappointment, rejection, that is all feedback. It is critically important for you to know which direction you desire the most. Without it, we don't grow. We need the down moments; we need the frustration to move us in the direction we're supposed to be going in.

So, when things don’t feel good, it reminds us that we need to get back to our inner source. If it doesn’t feel good for our soul, we know we're out of alignment. This is really the easiest measure of whether or not you are in a place where you need to be.

In today’s podcast, you will hear:

  • That it’s ok to make mistakes!
  • Why it’s important to trust in your journey
  • Why you need to believe it to see it


“It all works out in the end and if it hasn't worked out yet, you're not at the end yet.” - Lewis Howes 


Join me for this episode and become more magnetic in your biz and life.

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